" I took a an entry level field investigator job at a PI firm just after graduation and within two months I was supervising the person who interviewed me and eight others.  Thank you Discovery.  "   


​​Learning Styles

  1. Traditional hands on classroom instructor lead training
  2. Combo traditional in classroom and on demand Flex
  3. Virtual streaming interactive instructor lead training
  4. Virtual with instructor and on demand Flex
  5. On demand online ​​​only




1996 AZ Private Postsecondary Education

Approvals & Industry Accreditation

  • Arizona Department of Public Safety for Security & Investigations
  • AZ Supreme Court for Process Server
  • Veterans Administration for GI Bill, Post & Pre 911, Vocational Rehab, Family
  • Arizona Dept of Education
  • Arizona Dept of Economic Security for WIA, WFC, TAA, Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Arizona Dept of Liquor License & Control for Liquor Training Certification
  • NRFSP Environmental Health for Food Safety Manager Training & Certification

Discovery Licensing & Accreditations

About Us


Licensing Accreditation



​​Experience of Our Instructors

All Discovery instructors are licensed working experts in the subject matter they teach.  Additionally they are ALL professional Investigators and Accredited teachers.  

The most important ingredient we require to teach for us is that every instructor enjoy teaching, sharing their expert knowledge with others, and that they are able to teach in a dynamic way that inspires our students to be great.

Discovery is always looking for instructors

Do you have subject matter expertise and have a passion to teach?  Call us, or send a contact e-mail.

Gain hands-on skills and the knowledge needed to confidently work and advance in the global market of investigations & security.


I have been to allot of colleges and I found Marc Allan to be one of the best instructors I ever had...


"I was worried because it had been so long since I had attended school. Going back to college in my 50's and making a career change was scary.  Small interactive classes made it fun and I did great. Thanks."


"I was impressed with the wide variety of classes offered. "



About Discovery

Discovery was founded in 1996 as Discovery Detective Academy to provide the best training & certification Nationally for investigators and those entering the legal fields...  we still do.

Discovery is the premiere school for investigations in the United States and home of the Professional Investigator Master Course.  

To deliver the best education we continually update our courses to keep them fresh and on the cutting edge of new technology, laws, and industry techniques.

Through the years we expanded to teach and certify other legal compliance courses that are now divisions of Discovery College: Arizona Security School, Arizona Process Server Training, and of course Discovery Detective Academy.  Each of these courses are licensed or approved by their government licensing divisions.  Our hospitality classes are now located at Discovery Hospitality Solutions. 

Discovery's mission is to train our graduates to be ready to work in the fast passed global market of investigations & security - two of the fastest growing industries both nationally & worldwide.

Investigations & law remain our passion. That is why that is all we teach in our comprehensive security & investigations courses.  

We by choice do not grant AA or BA degrees as all of our course work is investigations, security and legal fields related topics.   This way we concentrate on what we do best.  Additionally, many of our students already have degrees or plan to complete them while working in the investigations & security industries. 

Our PI Masters Course has been approved in part or in whole towards college elective credit for AA – Master degrees in the legal fields.  However, each school nationally has different criteria as to what they may accept or apply to their program.

Our course hours also apply to the required working hours for licensing as an investigation agency in many states. 

DDA Discovery Academy

a division of Discovery Groups, llc

Learning success stories, one student at a time.