If you are from a state or country other than Arizona do not worry, we do not teach investigations state specific. We teach universal principles and practices of how to investigate. Anywhere or any dicipline.

Investigation Training for those:

  • transitioning from other fields 

  • professionals looking to update or add new skills

  • criminal justice and legal fields graduates

  • just starting out


Professional Investigator

Intern Apprenticeship 

Continue to learn your craft hands on under the guidance of Master Investigators and industry professionals while working as a state licensed apprenticeship employee investigator. 

You must be able to pass an FBI background and get your DPS employee license under our sister company Discovery Detective Group.

After completion of Module 1& 2 + either 3 or 4 you continue to learn and get hands on supervised experience working as an employee intern / apprentice at a reduced training rate until you are competent to work with less supervision.  

Hours worked go towards your 6,000 hours needed to get your AZ agency license. 


ISA-Investigator Security Agent

Online Virtual Classroom Studies


Core competencies that every investigator needs.​​

  • Mod 1
    • Industry Overview 
    • PI & Security Law 
    • ​Business Best Practices
    • Getting Started
  • Mod 2
    • Report Writing
    • Statements & Interviews

 Add targeted training in one or all of the areas you plan on working.

  • ​Mod 3 Field Investigation: 
    • surveillance & stakeouts
    • undercover
    • equipment- GPS, communications, mapping, secret cameras
    • Documentation with cameras & video

  • Mod 4 In-house Investigation: 
    • Databases, document research/retrieval / internet / OSCINT
    • locates, skips
    • backgrounds and business due diligence
  • Mod 5 Criminal Law and Investigation:
    • ​Criminal Law, elements of crimes, evidence code
    • Conducting Complex Investigations
    • Interfacing with attorneys, DA, prosecutors, corrections, and Llaw enforcement
    • Case Direction 
    • Court Testimony
  • Mod 6 Civil and Family Law and Investigation:
    • Surveillance of cheaters
    • Asset location
    • Child custody and abuse cases

Classes are virtual online with industry expert instructors.  Practical exercises and homework is done as flex time.  10 hours for each module hours are recommended. 


We have trained many students transitioning from City, County, State or Federal enforcement agencies and the military to succeed in the private sector of investigations as well as students with no background in security or investigations.  


Training & Certification


Learning success stories, one student at a time.


Discovery College

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