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Licensing requirements for a private investigator?

PI licenses are required in all but three states for employee investigators and agency owners.  

To apply for your license you will need to provide the following: a completed application, fingerprint card, licensee fee, finger print card fee, and pass your criminal records background investigation.  If you have certain criminal felonies or misdemeanors you may not qualify for a license.   Additionally your state may require a test be passed, a class be taken, or an apprenticeship completed prior to issuing a license.  

In Arizona and most states, you must be 18 years of age to receive an employee investigation license that allows you to work as an investigator for a licensed investigation agency or firm.   This license does not allow you to open your own business and have your own clients.  This is where you get your on the job experience doing PI work under supervision.

Qualifications to have a PI agency license varies from state to state.  In many states there is a minimum of documented hours worked as an investigator, in Arizona and California that is 6000 hours.   Many states also have a testing requirement or courses that need to be taken to receive their license.  Arizona does not require a test or a class be taken at this time. Check with your state licensing for their requirements.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Investigation and Security Licensing

phone number:    602-223-2361