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Certifications Given At Class Conclusion

Our training does not end when you leave 

We will always answer questions regarding liquor law and liquor compliance problems during regular business hours, most of the time free of charge.

Train Your Whole Staff - flat fee

Protect your investment. Avoid unnecessary risks due to carelessness or the lack of training of your staff.

Up to six hours of professional training by one of our hospitality experts that come to your facility and deliver basic and managers training together for one low cost fee.

Know your staff is properly trained and understand their responsibilities regarding serving or selling alcohol.

We issue each participant a certificate of training for ADLLC.

If you train your whole staff you can apply for a reduction in premium with your insurance company.

Private & Group Classes Offer:

  • Liquor Law Boot Camp comes to you
  • Train up to 20 employees for one low flat fee
  • Three to five hours of training plus handouts
  • We accommodate your schedule
  • Certification given at the end of class
  • Yes! Out of area groups this course is available for online virtual instruction.

Executive One-on-One Training

We meet with you for a one-on-one private executive training at your facility, home, or at a private training room at our school.

This is a great way for a new owner or GM to get trained prior to opening or when a facility is having compliance issues.

Up to five hours of professional training by one of our hospitality experts in all areas of alcohol awareness, state liquor laws, compliance issues and management duties.

Completely customized to address any of your organization's concerns regarding all Arizona Liquor Licensing certification licensing and compliance issues, they can even address a few food safety questions. 
Our instructors can travel anywhere in the state of Arizona to teach and certify. However, travel charges apply to areas out of Maricopa county. If we travel out of county it is popular for us to also teach and certify your staff in liquor law / alcohol awareness and food safety issues for service workers.

Virtually Join Our Live Liquor Class 

Join our classroom from anywhere with internet connection

  • Great for individuals or small groups that are out of area
  • Must have a good internet connection
  • Virtual instruction is best experienced with a webcam & microphone
  • Once you order we will be send you a course link, log on and password
  • If you have done a virtual class before you are just charged a connect fee
  • If this is your first virtual class for us we will contact you and help set you up remotely
  • If you have a group virtually there is only one virtual charge

Instructor Lead Classroom Training

Liquor Manager & Basic Open Enrollment Class

  • Basic & manager taught in 1 day
  • "Liquor Law Boot Camp" fun interactive class
  • Great handouts are yours to keep
  • Train 1 manager or employee - No min group size
  • Certification given at end of class
  • Ask questions and get answers from our expert instructors
  • Interactive live learning is preferred by most employers & insurance companies
  • Yes! Out of area students this course is available for online virtual instruction.

Learn more about our course 

BASIC LIQUOR LAW - for employee and manager certification

We start with Basic Liquor Law which applies to servers, bar tenders, sales clerks, managers and owners. Basically anyone who will handle alcohol or participate in its sale or service. We consider this the most important part of the course, even though licensing has labeled it Basic. Our teaching style is very interactive and we encourage participation. After we are done with this portion we take a break and proceed with the management portion. Employee's taking just the basic portion get their certificates and depart.

MANAGER LIQUOR LAW - for manager only

The Management portion goes into areas of business practices, licensing, and compliance issues that have to do with the establishment, be it a bar, restaurant, private club, golf course, store, mini mart... and deals with areas only management, supervisors, and owners need to know. At the end of this portion all managers are given their AZDLLC certificates for both basic & manager title 4.

Why train all your staff in liquor law?

The main reason should be the safety and well being of the public and your staff.

On a business level it is simple - to protect your investment. A liquor license is not inexpensive and unnecessary risks due to staff carelessness or the lack of training could severally cripple your business or worse.

For the amount of money it takes to properly train everyone you may get as much back in reductions of insurance premiums.

Most insurance companies reward establishments that make it a policy to train and license all employees that come in contact with the public and alcohol served and they prefer instructor lead classes over an online power point class with a quiz. 

About Our Training

Discovery originally got into liquor law certification training by doing compliance investigations for the hospitality industry through our affiliate company Discovery Detective Group.

Since 1994 Discovery Detective Group has trained & certified all of their investigators in liquor law, food safety and security. Because of this it was a natural progression for our training arm, Discovery Detective Academy to offer these certification classes for the hospitality industry. Discovery Detective Group is an investigative leader in the hospitality industry. Arizona Liquor training is a TN and division of Discovery Detective Academy.

Welcome to Arizona Liquor Training


We know that FUN is not the first thing you think about when having to take a certification class. However, our students regularly tell us our class is fast paced, interactive, and that we make learning alcohol awareness, Arizona state liquor law, and compliance issues interesting, and yes fun.

Our goal is for alcohol safety to become second nature to you 24/7.​

Pick Your Class & Learning Style:


Liquor Law Basic 
Liquor Law Basic & Manager


1) Open Enrollment Class at Our School- Click to see our class calendar calendar
2) Virtual Live Classroom - From your location with internet 
3) Private & Group Training at Your Facility


If you like learning in a group but only have one or two to register, check our on-line calendar to find the next scheduled liquor basic & manager class offered at our facility.


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