Areas of study include:

  • Civil & criminal law
  • Federal laws and acts 
  • Applied civil & criminal investigations
  • Collection of evidence & scene processing
  • Case law & ethics
  • Forensics – handwriting / fingerprints / trace evidence / labs
  • Background investigations / employment & tenant screening
  • Investigative documentation
  • Document research & retrieval
  • Skip trace & difficult locates
  • Fraud rings & ID theft
  • Photography / videography for cases & court
  • Courtroom testimony 
  • Field operations and direction of teams
  • Investigative reporting for clients and court
  • Statements / interviews / interrogation
  • Electronic countermeasures
  • International protocols & investigation
  • Interfacing with law enforcement
  • Runaways / trafficking
  • Family law investigation
  • Client & case management
  • Business set up & marketing...

Course prerequisites are:

Entrance questionnaire and application for the course, copy of a valid social security card and state ID, pass a criminal background, diploma or certificate for high school graduate/equivalent or better.​

​If you are a foreign national, a valid visa from a country on the US safe list, or work visa.  Type your paragraph here.

Class Schedule for the Master Course. 

Tuesday & Thursday in classroom.  9:00 am - 2:15 pm

Plus: Ten hours of instructor lead course FLEX time for required reading, exercises, online content per week.

Note: VA full time funded students come to our classroom on Mondays and Wednesdays to complete this work in classroom with instructor assist to qualify for full time benefit.  This is also available to any enrolled students but not mandatory.

Hands on training and exercises throughout the course help to build your skills and confidence.

Since the course is instructor lead, you gain much more knowledge by both your interaction with other students and having your instructor to personally answer questions as they arise than you would in an on demand course with limited interaction and support. 

Pass your states licensing exam. 

*you will need to additionally study your states licensing requirements and statutes.  

Remember to check our links page for information on your states licensing requirements for working as an investigator employee or agency owner.


When you complete this course you will be ready to start your own company, market it, run it successfully within the parameters of the law or be ready to work as a director, manager, supervisor of  investigations or risk management in any industry or the government.

​​​​​​​After graduation, run a PI agency, manage a team of investigators working on complex civil & criminal investigations at your own agency, in corporate or for the government.

PI Professional Investigator
Master Diploma Course

We teach to the strongest state laws so you can work in any state when you have completed this course with confidence. This practice will keep you in compliance with any investigations you work for yourself or others. 


This course prepares you to understand laws, and break down each element to prove your case. Take leadership of teams in the field, confidently conduct interviews and use interrogation techniques, testify and present evidence in court, interface with all levels of law enforcement to achieve your case goals, and much more.


Professional Investigator

​Diploma Course

Learning success stories, one student at a time.


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