Armed Officer Training 102

DPS Armed Guard and NRA Basic Pistol


Learning success stories, one student at a time.



Security courses are currently only offered to private groups - Call to book a private class.



Security Officer Training 202

Powers of arrest, handcuffing, pepper & baton

Pre-requisite of at least one of the following: 

  • Discovery's Armed Officer Training 102
  • DPS Armed Guard Card
  • NRA certification
  • Military DD214
  • Law enforcement training

DDA Discovery College

a division of Discovery Groups, llc

Security Officer Training 101

Learn the Laws & Prepare for Licensure

This course prepares a candidate for:

  • understanding the levels of reasonable force
  • Arizona title 32 security law
  • Arizona title 13 criminal law (that apply to security)
  • interfacing with law enforcement
  • basic form an narrative report writing
  • the importance of image
  • representing your company

At successful class completion it gives a Security Officer candidate their training certificate needed for State of Arizona - Department of Public Safety (DPS) licensing or renewal.

This class is additionally part of our Hospitality Risk Management Certificate for Bouncer/Doorman/Security for hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants and casino's and for our ISA Track Certificate Course for Loss Prevention and Fugitive Recovery.  

A DPS (Department of Safety) Guard Card allows a candidate to work as an employee for a Guard Company or to work as an employee for a private company.  This is not allow you to contract work.